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Space Distribution of Deep Levels in SiGe/Si Heterostructure

  • Zhang Rong (a1), Yang Kai (a1), Gu Shulin (a1), Shi Yi (a1), Huang Hongbin (a1), Wang Ronghua (a1), Han Ping (a1), Hu Liqun (a1), Zheng Youdou (a1) and Li Qi (a1)...


The small-pulse DLTS had been developed to measure distribution of deep levels in CVD grown SiGe/Si heterostructure before and after thermal processing at 800°C. Changes of defect states was found and after processing the original single deep level 0.62eV under the condition band split into two separated traps. A new weak deeper trap signal was found only in the just relaxed region. It could be Ge-related defect complex with misfit dislocations.



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