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Space Charge Contribution To Solute Segregation Near Grain Boundaries

  • M. F. Yan (a1), R. M. Cannon (a2) and H. K. Bowen (a2)


The interaction potentials between solutes and grain boundaries in ionic solids are identified as [1] the electrostatic interaction between the charged solutes and grain boundaries and [2] the elastic energy due to size misfit of solutes in the matrix. Equilibrium solute distribution is calculated from the defect distributions leading to the minimum free energy. Space charge distributions near interfaces during kinetic processes are evaluated. We analyze the limiting case of constrained equilibrium in which the vacancy distribution and degree of solute-vacancy association satisfy a minimum free energy under the constraint of no solute redistribution.



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Space Charge Contribution To Solute Segregation Near Grain Boundaries

  • M. F. Yan (a1), R. M. Cannon (a2) and H. K. Bowen (a2)


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