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Some Physical Properties of Suspendable Superconducting 123-Ag Composites

  • C. Y. Huang (a1), H. H. Tai (a1), Y. D. Yao (a2), T. J. Li (a2) and M. K. Wu (a3)...


We have measured the M-H hysteresis loops of n YBa2Cu3Oy: Ag (n = 3,5, and 7), and 3RBa2Cu3Oy:Ag (R = rare earth) as a function of temperature. We have found that the residual magnetization and, hence, pinning, is strong and is independent of n and R, but dependent on the metallurgy. The giant creep rates have been measured and are greater than those of pure 123 samples. Scanning electron microscopy and polarized light microscopy have shown that the presence of silver gives rise to the growth of large grains (~1 mm) in the 123-Ag samples. The field dependence of the critical current density is not strong at high field. We have also measured the resistance in field up to 200 kOe. The resistance remains zero even at 80 K and 200 kOe. The field dependence of the superconducting transition is discussed in terms of phase slippage.



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