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Solvothermal Pathways to Transition Metal Oxides

  • Alexej Michailovski (a1) and Greta R. Patzke (a1)


A straightforward solvothermal pathway towards anisotropic nanoscale molybdenum, vanadium and tungsten oxides has been established. They are formed quantitatively from one-step procedures within a few days or hours of autoclave treatment in the temperature range between 100 and 220 °C. The addition of straightforward ionic additives (e.g. alkali halides) leads to a versatile interplay between the formation of novel polymolybdates(VI) and the production of oxidic nanoparticles. Key solvothermal features (role of the precursor, solvothermal parameter window, influence of ionic additives) of the individual transition metal oxides are investigated with respect to the development of general synthetic guidelines and predictive concepts.



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Solvothermal Pathways to Transition Metal Oxides

  • Alexej Michailovski (a1) and Greta R. Patzke (a1)


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