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Solution-Processed Hybrid Polymer-Quantum Dot Nanocomposite for Infrared Photodetection and Photorefractivity

  • Kaushik Roy Choudhury (a1), Won Jin Kim (a2), Yudhisthira Sahoo (a3), Kwang-Sup Lee (a4) and Paras N. Prasad (a5)...


Successful integration of solution-processible nanocrystal quantum dots, active over a wide spectral range in the infrared, organic molecules and polymers, to fabricate efficient photoconductive and photorefractive devices operational at important optical communication wavelengths is achieved. Sensitization of the polymeric composites by quantum dots led to high photocurrents at 1340 nm, yielding a high photoconductive quantum efficiency. In the photorefractive composites, pronounced two-beam coupling was observed, leading to good optical gains achievable by low-power continuous-wave illumination. The photoresponse was further extended to 1550 nm. A steady state diffraction efficiency was obtained in the dynamic refractive-index gratings with appreciable response times. In order to enhance the photoconductive performance of the devices, the organic semiconductor pentacene was incorporated into the hybrid composite through a soluble presursor. At the operating wavelength of 1340 nm, the photocurrent increased significantly as the amount of pentacene in the composite was increased, resulting in a spectacular improvement of external quantum efficiency.



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