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Solution Flow System for Hydrothermal-Electrochemical Synthesis: New Opportunities for Multilayered Oxide Films

  • W. Suchanek (a1), T. Watanabe (a1), B. Sakurai (a1) and M. Yoshimura (a1)


A solution flow system for hydrothermal-electrochemical synthesis has been constructed in our laboratory. This equipment can operate at 20°-200°C, under the pressure of 1-50 atm., at flow rate of 1-50 cm3/min. Applicability of the flow system for low-temperature, hydrothermalelectrochemical synthesis of single-layer and multilayered thin films has been demonstrated using the BaTiO3-SrTiO3 system as an example. Single phase thin films as well as double layers have been deposited at 150°C, current density of 1 mA/cm2, and flow rates of 1-50 cm3/min. The flow rate is an important parameter allowing additional control of the films' morphology by affecting the growth rate. The multilayers can be prepared in only one experiment by simply changing the flowing solution. Processing using the solution flow cell may serve as an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way of fabricating any multilayered thin films, including magneto-optic films.



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Solution Flow System for Hydrothermal-Electrochemical Synthesis: New Opportunities for Multilayered Oxide Films

  • W. Suchanek (a1), T. Watanabe (a1), B. Sakurai (a1) and M. Yoshimura (a1)


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