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Solid Solution Alloy Effects on Microstructure and Indentation Hardness in Pt-Ru Thin Films

  • Seungmin Hyun (a1), Oliver Kraft (a2) and Richard P. Vinci (a1)


The elastic moduli and flow stresses of as-deposited Pt and Pt-Ru solid solution thin films were investigated by the nanoindentation method. The influence of solid solution alloying was explored by depositing Pt-Ru solid solution thin films with various compositions onto Si substrates. The 200 nm films were prepared by DC magnetron cosputtering with a Ru composition range from 0 to 20wt%. As expected, the modulus and the flow stress both increased significantly with an increase in Ru. The experimental results compare favorably to predictions based on a simple dislocation motion model consisting of three strengthening terms: substrate constraint, grain size strengthening and solid solution strengthening.



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