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Solid Silicon at the Melting Temperature is Crystalline

  • D. K. Biegelsen (a1), R. J. Nemanich (a1), L. E. Fennell (a1) and R. A. Street (a1)


Recently it has been proposed that solid silicon at the melting temperature is amorphous. There is no known case of a solid for which an amorphous structure is the equilibrium state. Silicon thin films on insulating substrates, when heated radiantly, melt inhomogeneously and provide an accessible high temperature system for a study of a solid coexisting with its melt. Using the intensity, energy distribution and polarization of Raman scattering from silicon lamellae, we have proved that the equilibrium phase is in fact crystalline. Furthermore, we give strong evidence that the solid regions have {100} texture at Tm.



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