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Sn-H Complex in Hydrogen Pass Ivated GaAs

  • D. M. Kozuch (a1), Michael Stavola (a1), S. J. Pearton (a2), C. R. Abernathy (a2) and J. Lopata (a2)...


It is confirmed that Sn donors in GaAs are passivated by exposure to a hydrogen plasma. The Sn-H complexes give rise to vibrational absorption bands at 1327.8 cm-1 and 967.7 cm-1 that are assigned to H-stretching and H-wagging modes respectively. A study of the thermal stability of the Sn-H complexes shows that they dissociate for annealing temperatures above ~150°C. The properties of the Sn-H complexes are compared to those of other donor-H complexes. Our results suggest a configuration for the complex with H at the antibonding site adjacent to the Sn.



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Sn-H Complex in Hydrogen Pass Ivated GaAs

  • D. M. Kozuch (a1), Michael Stavola (a1), S. J. Pearton (a2), C. R. Abernathy (a2) and J. Lopata (a2)...


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