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Smoothening of (001) and (111) Cu films epitaxially grown on Si substrates

  • Rosa Alejandra Lukaszew (a1), Ctirad Uher (a2) and Roy Clarke (a2)


We report an in-situ study of the MBE growth of Cu films on hydrogen-terminated Si (001) and (7×7) reconstructed Si(111) substrates. Using correlated RHEED and STM data, we find a dramatic smoothing of epitaxial Cu(001) surfaces by annealing the as- grown films in the 120-160oC temperature range and somewhat less so for the Cu (111) films. Our measurements reveal a lower activation energy (0.40 ± 0.04 eV) for inter- terrace mass transport in Cu(001) than for Cu(111) (1.10 ± 0.03 eV) the former possibly influenced by the presence of hydrogen. Scaling analysis of the subsequent Cu growth on the annealed smooth surfaces yields a coarsening exponent of 1/4 for the (001) oriented films while this exponent is 1/3 for the (111) films, providing for the first time experimental data for the same system in these two orientations.



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