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Size-effect on Fluorescence Spectrum of Perylene Nanocrystal Studied by Single-particle Microspectroscopy Coupled with Atomic Force Microscope Observation

  • Hideki Matsune (a1), Tsuyoshi Asahi (a1), Hiroshi Masuhara (a1), Hitoshi Kasai (a2) and Hachiro Nakanishi (a2)...


This paper presents single particle fluorescence spectroscopy of perylene nanocrystals coupled with AFM observation of their topographic shapes. The fluorescence spectra of individual nanocrystals confirmed clearly and precisely a blue-shift in the excimer emission maximum on the reduction of their volume. The result can be explained in terms of “lattice softening”, which makes intermolecular interaction weaker and modified the energy level of the excimer state in nanocrystal.



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