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SiO2 Formation at the Aluminum Oxide/Si(100) Interface

  • A. Roy Chowdhuri (a1), C. G. Takoudis (a1), R. F. Klie (a2) and N. D. Browning (a2)


Thin films of aluminum oxide were deposited on clean Si(100) substrates using trimethylaluminum and oxygen at 300°C. Infrared spectroscopic and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analyses of these films showed no aluminum silicate or SiO2 phase formation at the film/substrate interface. The O/Al ratio in the as deposited film was found to be higher than that in stoichiometric Al2O3. On annealing the as deposited samples in Ar at higher temperatures, a peak due to the transverse optical phonon for the Si-O-Si stretching mode appeared in the infrared spectra. A combination of Z-contrast imaging and electron energy loss spectroscopy in the scanning transmission electron microscope confirmed that the annealed samples developed a layer of silicon dioxide at the aluminum oxide-Si interface. Z-contrast images and electron energy loss spectra, obtained while heating the sample inside the scanning transmission electron microscope were used to follow the interfacial SiO2 formation.



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SiO2 Formation at the Aluminum Oxide/Si(100) Interface

  • A. Roy Chowdhuri (a1), C. G. Takoudis (a1), R. F. Klie (a2) and N. D. Browning (a2)


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