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Single-Source Precursors to Niobium Nitride and Tantalum Nitride Films

  • Charles H. Winter (a1), Kumudini C. Jayaratne (a1) and James W. Proscia (a2)


Herein we report our efforts to prepare new precursors to niobium nitride (NbN) and tantalum nitride (TAN, Ta3N5) thin films. Treatment of MC15 (M = Nb, Ta) with tertbutylamine in benzene solvent affords complexes of the formula [MCI2 (NtBu)(NHtBu)(NH2 tBu)]2. The niobium complex [NbC12(NtBu)(NHtBu)- (NH2 tBu)]2 affords NbN films on glass substrates between 500-600 °C, while the tantalum analog [TaC12(NtBu)(NHtBu)(NH2 tBu)]2 gives films of Ta3N5 in this temperature range. Treatment of MCI5 (M = Nb, Ta) with 1,1-dimethylhydrazine in dichloromethane solvent affords complexes of the formula [MC12(NNMe2)(NHNMe2)(NH2NMe2)]n. These hydrazido complexes afford cubic MN films upon glass substrates at ≥400°C. Analyses of the films are presented.



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