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Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Assisted Thermal Sensor

  • S. Chandrasekar (a1), K.S.V. Santhanam (a2), Y. Yue (a2), K. Kalaiazagan (a1) and L. Fuller (a1)...


A nano thermal sensor was made by depositing carbon nanotubes from a medium containing a) methylene chloride b)sodium dodecyl sulfate and c) Baytron-P (polymer) assisted sodium dodecyl sulfate. The nano thermal sensors showed d.c. electrical resistance as independent of temperature when the sensors were made by procedures (a) or (b). The electrical resistivity in both the situations has been independent of temperature. When the nanosensor is made with carbon nanotubes by assisted method (c), the d.c. electrical resistance decreased with temperature. The negative temperature coefficient (TCR) is manifested in the semiconducting property of the active material. The sensor behavior is reproducible and varies linearly with temperature. The nanosensor made by non assisted carbon nanotube showed zero TCR. This is probably the first instance of assisted thermal sensor made with single walled carbon nanotubes.


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