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Simultaneous Effects on Topography, Composition and Texture in Ion Assisted Deposition of Thin Films

  • James M.E. Harper (a1)


Ion bombardment during deposition may simultaneously affect thin film topography, composition and crystallographic texture. Ion etching can produce periodic ripples that depend on the angle of ion incidence and surface temperature. When applied during deposition, ion bombardment can produce in-plane crystallographic orientation in polycrystalline materials for specific angles of incidence. In addition, ion bombardment changes the composition of multicomponent thin films according to the local angles of ion incidence and ion/atom ratios. Therefore, these three mechanisms may be linked under certain deposition conditions to generate novel topographically patterned materials with locally controlled composition and texture. Examples include metal alloys, oxides and nitrides, and recommendations for specific nanoscale structures are given.



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Simultaneous Effects on Topography, Composition and Texture in Ion Assisted Deposition of Thin Films

  • James M.E. Harper (a1)


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