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Simulation of Steady State and Transient Phenomena in a-Si:H Pin Structures and Films

  • Rudi Brüggemann (a1), Charles Main (a2) and Gottfried H. Bauer (a1)


In this paper we report on a range of simulation studies. The transient photocur-rent decay after switching off of steady illumination is investigated and we show that the protracted decay in undegraded pin-solar cells is a hole current. In degraded pin samples a change of sign in the photocurrent during the decay is observed by simulation (as is experimentally) which is attributed to an electron diffusion current in reverse direction. We study the distribution of defects according to the defect pool model in a pin structure. The varying dangling bond density with position of the Fermi level leads to large inhomogeneities in defect density across the i-layer in thermal equilibrium leading to increased band bending and giving increased recombination close to the interfaces under illumination. As a demonstration of another application of the simulation method we show how the quasi-steady state is established in the steady state photocarrier grating experiment in lock-in technique.



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Simulation of Steady State and Transient Phenomena in a-Si:H Pin Structures and Films

  • Rudi Brüggemann (a1), Charles Main (a2) and Gottfried H. Bauer (a1)


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