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Silicon-Based UV Detector Prototypes Using Luminescent Poroussilicon Films

  • Limarix Peraza (a1), Madeline Cruz (a1), Angel Estrada (a1), Carlos Navarro (a2), Javier Avalos (a1), Luis F. Fonseca (a2), Oscar Resto (a2) and S. Z. Weisz (a2)...


The luminescent properties of porous silicon (PSi) films in the visible region were used to improve the photoresponse of PSi/Si-wafer and PSi/Si p-n junctions UV detector prototypes in the region below 500nm. A luminescent PSi overlayer was formed on top of the Si wafers and p-n junctions by electrochemical anodization. These overlayers have emission spectra peaking close to 690nm. In the case of the PSi/Si wafer, the PSi film was produced with a high optical transparency above 600nm and highly absorbent below this value. With such characteristics, the incident UV radiation is partially absorbed and converted into visible radiation that can be highly transmitted through the PSi film and efficiently absorbed by the wafer or the junction. The UV measurements show enhancement of the photoresponse at 366nm as compared with control prototypes without PSi. Details about the enhancement process are discussed.



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