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Silicon based core-shell silicon nanowires for broadband and wide angle antireflection

  • P. Pignalosa (a1) (a2), H. Lee (a3), W. Guo (a2), X. Duan (a4) and Y. Yi (a1) (a2) (a4)...


Antireflection with broadband and wide angle properties is important for a wide range of applications on photovoltaic cells and display. The SiOx shell layer provides a natural antireflection from air to the Si core absorption layer. In this work, we have demonstrated the random core-shell silicon nanowires with both broadband (from 400nm to 900nm) and wide angle (from normal incidence to 60°) antireflection characteristics within AM1.5 solar spectrum. The graded index structure from the randomly oriented core-shell (Air/SiOx/Si) nanowires may provide a potential avenue to realize a broadband and wide angle antireflection layer.


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