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Silicide Mediated Grown Silicon Thin Films for Photodiodes

  • Joondong Kim (a1), Wayne A. Anderson (a2), Chang-Soo Han (a3) and Eung-Sug Lee (a4)


Quality Si thin films were grown by the metal-induced growth (MIG) method. Metal (Co, Ni, or mixing of Co and Ni) was thermally evaporated on a 200 nm-SiO2 coated Si wafer. Si sputtering was performed at 600 – 620 °C in a dc magnetron system. The reaction of Si and metal first formed a silicide (CoSi2 or NiSi2) layer and further Si sputtering grew a Si film above it. The grown Si films were practically fabricated for Schottky photodiodes and electrically measured under one sun scan illumination (100 mW/cm2).



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