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Si-H Vibration Only at 2000 CM-1 in Fully Polycrystalline Silicon Films Made by Hwcvd

  • J.K. Rath (a1) and R.E.I. Schropp (a1)


The Si-H vibration in IR spectra of our device quality poly-Si films grown by hot-wire chemical vapour deposition (HWCVD) made at low wire temperature (Tw=1800 °C) is at 2000 cm−1 whereas in a poly-Si film made at high wire temperature (Tw=1900 °C) both 2000 cm−1 vibrations as well as 2100 cm−1 are observed. On the other hand, the Raman spectra (probing the upper part of the film) of Si-H stretching vibration measured for both these samples show only 2000 cm-1 mode. XTEM micrographs of these films show that whereas the low Tw film has a structure made of closely packed crystalline columns, the high Tw film has conical crystalline structures with amorphous region between them. The crystal cones meet each other towards the top of the film and form a closed structure. This is confirmed by Raman spectrum at 520 cm−1. We attribute the 2100 cm−1 mode to the Si-H bonds at the surface of the cones touching the amorphous regions. The Si-H vibration shifts to 2000 cm-1 when the crystalline cones coalesce with each other, as is the case in the upper part of both types of films.



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