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SIC-LSD study of δ-Pu and PuOx

  • L. Petit (a1) (a2), A. Svane (a2), Z. Szotek (a3) and W. M. Temmerman (a3)


The electronic structures of actinide solid systems are calculated using the self-interaction corrected local spin density approximation. Within this scheme the 5f electron manifold is considered to consist of both localized and delo-calized states, and by varying their relative proportions the energetically most favourable (ground state) configuration can be established. Specifically, we discuss elemental Pu in its δ-phase, and the effects of adding O to PuO2.



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SIC-LSD study of δ-Pu and PuOx

  • L. Petit (a1) (a2), A. Svane (a2), Z. Szotek (a3) and W. M. Temmerman (a3)


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