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SiC Multilayered Photoreceptor for Electrophotography

  • Y. Nakayama (a1), S. Akita (a1), H. Itoh (a2), T. Yajima (a1), M. Nakano (a1) and T. Kawamura (a1)...


New multilayered photoreceptor consisting of all layers of a-Si1−xCx:H (x=0.1−0.8) has been developed on the basis of a high rate deposition process established using a glow discharge in a mixture of SiH4 and C2H2. This SiC photoreceptor is for negative charging and shows the excellent spectral sensitivity that is high in a short wavelength region and is reduced at the wavelengths longer than 600nm, suitable for the plain paper copier. The charge acceptance more than 40V/μn is achieved for the thickness less than 20μm. The charging characteristics are discussed in terms of deep emission states in the a-SiC:H.



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