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Sharp Absorption and High Temperature Thermal Emission from Simple Metallic Photonic Crystals

  • Rana Biswas (a1), Dayu Zhou (a2), Irina Puscasu (a3), Edward Johnson (a4), Andrew Taylor (a5) and Weijun Zhao (a6)...


We design and fabricate metallic photonic crystals with sharp absorption peaks in the infrared regime. We have fabricated a metallic photonic crystal consisting of a triangular lattice of holes in a silicon layer conformally coated with gold at a lattice pitch of 3.8 microns. Conventional lithographic and deep reactive ion etching was used. The photonic crystal exhibits a deep reflection minimum and sharp thermal emission peak near the lattice spacing. Measurements agree well with rigorous scattering matrix simulations. This simple single-layer structure with a single patterned exposure has no emission sidebands and can be scaled to other lattice spacings.



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