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Shadowgraphic Imaging of Dilute Carbon and Mo2Ag4S8,[PPh3]4 Suspensions

  • Robert Goedert (a1), Roger Becker (a2), Andrew Clements (a1) and Thomas Whittaker (a1)


Time-resolved imagery is presented showing the changes that occur in the focal volume of dilute liquid/particle suspensions following the arrival of single, Q-switched, frequency-doubled, Nd:YAG laser pulses. Limiting data and corresponding imagery at 21, 84, 244, 790, and 2900 nanoseconds following the laser pulse are presented for a carbon particle suspension consisting of used (carbonized) 1OW-15 motor oil and for a suspension of the inorganic metallic cluster molecule Mo2Ag4S8 [PPh3]4. The images in conjunction with the accompanying limiting data show that the reduction in transmission, observed as the input pulse energy is increased, results from scattering from bubbles augmented by plasma absorption. Keywords: laser induced breakdown, plasma, suspension, bubble, nonlinear materials, shadowgraph, imagery



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