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Sensitivity of UO2 Stability in a Reducing Environment on Radiolysis Model Parameters

  • Richard S. Wittman (a1) and Edgar C. Buck (a1)


Results for a radiolysis model sensitivity study of radiolytically produced H2O2 are presented as they relate to Spent (or Used) Light Water Reactor uranium oxide (UO2) nuclear fuel (UNF) oxidation in a low oxygen environment. The model builds on previous reaction kinetic studies to represent the radiolytic processes occurring at the nuclear fuel surface. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is the dominant oxidant for spent nuclear fuel in an O2-depleted water environment. The most sensitive parameters have been identified with respect to predictions under typical conditions. As compared with the full model with about 100 reactions, it was found that only 30 to 40 of the reactions are required to determine [H2O2] to one part in 10–5 and to preserve most of the predictions for major species. This allows a systematic approach for model simplification and offers guidance in designing experiments for validation.



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Sensitivity of UO2 Stability in a Reducing Environment on Radiolysis Model Parameters

  • Richard S. Wittman (a1) and Edgar C. Buck (a1)


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