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Sensing Properties of Ba1划xLaxNbyTi1划yO3 (x=0.25%, y=0.25%) Thin-Film on SiO2/Si Substrate

  • B. Li (a1), P. T. Lai (a1), G. Q. Li (a1), S. H. Zeng (a1) and M. Q. Huang (a1)...


Barium lanthanum titanate-niobate (Ba1划xLaxNbyTi1划yO3) film deposited on a SiO2/Si substrate by the argon ion-beam sputtering technique has been used to fabricate a thin-film resistor and a metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) capacitor by standard integrated-circuit technology. Measurements show that the film resistor has superior sensitivity for visible light and a thermal sensitivity within the range 28∼400 °C, while the MIS capacitor is highly sensitive to relative humidity. The optical absorption spectrum of the film has been measured and the bandgap of the film determined. The effects of test frequency on the impedance of the film resistor at various temperatures and on the humidity-sensitive characteristics of the MIS capacitor have been investigated.



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