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Semt-Solid Processing of Titanium Alloys for Biomedical Applications

  • B. Toloui (a1) and J. V. Wood (a1)


Among metallic systems, titanium alloys are prime candidate materials for biomedical applications in view of their apparent properties in the body environment. While machined and forged parts of CPTi, or Ti-6Al-4V, are suitable for many applications, they are not economical for one-off objects or artefacts of extreme intricacy. Titanium castings are an obvious solution to the problem but these are extremely difficult to process without contamination. Alloying allows a lowering of the melting point and significantly reduces the risk of contamination but the resultant alloys are normally brittle due to networks of intermetallics forming. This paper describes a process of semi-solid casting using a powder titanium feedstock for making one-off castings of artefacts like those required in dentistry. The process will be described and the mechanical and corrosion properties of several alloys which are compatible with this technique are assessed. The basic process is relatively inexpensive and provides a useful tool for examining a wide range of potential titanium base alloys.



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Semt-Solid Processing of Titanium Alloys for Biomedical Applications

  • B. Toloui (a1) and J. V. Wood (a1)


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