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Self-assembly PbSe Nanoparticles into Nanorings

  • Weilie L. Zhou (a1), Jibao He (a1), Jiye Fang (a1), Tuyet-Anh Huynh (a1), Trevor J. Kennedy (a1), Kevin L. Stokes (a1) and Charles J. O'Connor (a1)...


In this presentation, we report the self-assembly of monolayer and multilayer nanorings of PbSe nanoparticles. PbSe nanoparticles were synthesized by using a high temperature precipitation method. The nanoparticles are about 5 nm and appeared as truncated octahedral enclosed by the {100} and {111} crystal facets of fcc structure. The large area monodisperse self-assembly nanoarrays were obtained by dropping the high concentration solution of PbSe nanoparticles on the carbon grid. The nanoparticles are hexagonal close packed and oriented randomly in the nanoarrays. By diluting the solution for large area self-assembly, self-assembly of monolayer and multilayer nanorings can be achieved. The nanoring formation is determined by hydrodynamics, surface effects, and interaction between the nanoparticles and carbon grid.



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