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Self-assembly of Silicon Nanotubes

  • Ming Xie (a1), Jiesheng Wang (a2), Chee Huei Lee (a3) and Yoke Khin Yap (a4)


The growth of silicon nanotubes (SiNTs) by a dual-RF-plasma treatment technique is reported here. These SiNTs are vertically aligned and self-assembled from Si substrates at 500 degree Celsius by the use of Cu catalysts. Their diameters are ∼50 to 80 nm with tubular wall thickness of ∼10-15nm. Cu vapors were found partially filled inside the SiNTs. This is a novel technique that can convert bulk materials into their nanostructures.



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Self-assembly of Silicon Nanotubes

  • Ming Xie (a1), Jiesheng Wang (a2), Chee Huei Lee (a3) and Yoke Khin Yap (a4)


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