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Self-Affine Measurements on the Fracture Surface of Plastic Materials by AFM

  • E. Reyes (a1), C. Guerrero (a1), V. González (a1) and M. Hinojosa (a1)


The self-aff'me behavior of fracture surfaces of polymeric materials was qualitatively and quantitatively studied. SEM images of fracture surfaces of both polypropylene and polystyrene show Chevron marks at several magnifications. In addition, for polystyrene the mirror and Hackle zones were also observed. For quantitative analysis, the average roughness exponent, ζ, of height profiles generated by AFM images, was estimated by applying the variable bandwidth method. Values of ζ=0.788 and ζ=0.810 were obtained for polypropylene and polystyrene, respectively. These results are in very good agreement with the claimed universal exponent of 0.8 reported in the literature for other non-polymeric materials. By choosing the AFM appropriate operating conditions, measurements of roughness on plastic material surfaces could be performed.



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