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Selective Ordering of Pertechnetate at the Interface between Amorphous Silica and Water: a Poisson Boltzmann Treatment

  • Christopher D. Williams (a1) (a2), Karl P. Travis (a1), John H. Harding (a1) and Neil A. Burton (a2)


Calculations based on Poisson-Boltzmann theory are used to investigate the equilibrium properties of an electrolyte containing TcO4 and SO4 2− ions near the surface of amorphous silica. The calculations show that the concentration of TcO4 is greater than SO4 2− at distances less than 1 nm from the surface due to the negative charge density caused by deprotonation of the amorphous silica silanol groups. At lower pH, the surface becomes protonated and the magnitude of this effect is reduced. These results have implications for the potential use of oxyanion-SAMMS for the environmental remediation of water contaminated with 99Tc.



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