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Selective Growth of GaAs and A1xGa1−xas by Omvpe Using Tertiarybutylarsine

  • K. L. Tokuda (a1), D. W. Kisker (a1), M. Lamont-Schnoes (a2) and J. Lopata (a2)


We have investigated the use of tertiarybutylarsine (TBAs) to selectively grow GaAs and AlxGa1−x As in trenches on partially-masked GaAs substrates. Both SiyNz and Si02 masks have been used, with geometries ranging from 4 - 160 μm. By varying temperature and pressure, we have optimized selectivity and minimized “ridge” growth near masked areas. The results show TBAs may be a suitable alternative to arsine for selective regrowth of these materials.



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Selective Growth of GaAs and A1xGa1−xas by Omvpe Using Tertiarybutylarsine

  • K. L. Tokuda (a1), D. W. Kisker (a1), M. Lamont-Schnoes (a2) and J. Lopata (a2)


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