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Selective Area Chemical Vapor Deposition of Chromium Oxides

  • Ruihua Cheng (a1), C.N. Borca (a1) and P.A. Dowben (a2)


We demonstrate that two-phase CrO2 and Cr2O3 thin films can be grown by using selective organometallic chemical vapor deposition through the oxidation of Cr(CO)6 in an oxygen environment. While the magnetization measurements show that both chromium oxides are present, the relative weight of each phase depends on the oxygen partial pressure. Changes of the Curie temperature, Tc, and the saturation magnetization field may be possible by controlling the stoichiometry.



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Selective Area Chemical Vapor Deposition of Chromium Oxides

  • Ruihua Cheng (a1), C.N. Borca (a1) and P.A. Dowben (a2)


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