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Seedless Templated Growth of Hetero-Nanostructures for Novel Microelectronics Devices


The feasibility of a templated seedless approach for growing segmented p-i-n nanowires –based diodes based on selective epitaxial growth is demonstrated. Such diodes are the basic structure for a TunnelFET device. This approach has the potential for being easily scalable at a full-wafer processing, and there is no theoretical limitation for control on nanowires growth and properties when scaling down their diameters, as opposed to an unconstrained vapor-liquid-solid growth. Moreover, Si/SixGe1-x hetero-structures are implemented, showing that this can improve the TFET ON current not only thanks to the lowered barrier for the band-to-band source-channel tunneling, but additionally thanks to its lower thermal budget for growth, allowing for better control of the abruptness of the doping profile at the source-channel tunneling interface.



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Seedless Templated Growth of Hetero-Nanostructures for Novel Microelectronics Devices


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