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Seebeck and Spin Seebeck effect in Gd-doped GaN thin films for Thermoelectric Devices and Applications

  • Bahadir Kucukgok (a1), Liqin Su (a2), Elisa N. Hurwitz (a2), Andrew Melton (a3), Liu Zhiqiang (a2) (a4), Na Lu (a5) and Ian T. Ferguson (a2)...


GaN-based dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMS) have recently been investigated for use in spintronic devices. In particular, Gd-doped GaN has shown very promising room temperature ferromagnetic behavior and potential for use in spintronics applications. III-Nitride materials have recently had their thermoelectric properties investigated; however this work has not been extended to Nitride-based DMS. Understanding the spin-calorimetric characteristics of GaN-based DMS is important to the successful development of low-power spintronic devices. In this paper the Seebeck and spin-Seebeck effect in MOCVD grown Gd-doped GaN (Gd: GaN) are investigated.



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