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Schottky Barriers on Magnetron Sputtered a-Si:H: Depletion width Effects on Photocarrier Collection vs Bandgap and Light Soaking

  • James R. Doyle (a1), N. Maley (a1) and John R. Abelson (a1)


We present a study of depletion width effects on the photocarrier collection efficiency in reactive magnetron sputtered a-Si:H films. Results are presented for as-deposited and light soaked 1.75 eV optical gap samples, and an as-deposited 1.60 eV gap film. The depletion width behavior with reverse bias is inferred from capacitance measurements. Comparison with photocurrent collection versus reverse bias voltage suggests that space charge effects can have an important role in the interpretation of collection efficiency on Schottky barriers.



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