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Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy Study of TiSe2/NbSe2 Superlattices

  • Hyun-Joon Shin (a1), Kwangho Jeong (a2), David C. Johnson (a3), Stephen D. Kevan (a3), Myungkeun Noh (a3) and Tony Warwick (a4)...


TiSe2/NbSe2 superlattices crystallized from elementally modulated films have been studied with a Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscope (STXM) at the Advanced Light Source. The samples exhibited structures in the plane of the film with sizes of the order of one micrometer. The chemical sensitivity of STXM allowed us to infer that the titanium in the superlattice exists predominantly in microcrystalline TiSe2, but that these microcrystals are interspersed with elemental titanium inclusions. The STXM images reflect the interfacial nucleation between the constituent layers characteristic of the kinetic trapping method.



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