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RTP-CVD of Si Materials and Devices for ULSI Applications

  • D. L. Kwong (a1), T. Y. Hsieh (a1) and K. H. Jung (a1)


Rapid thermal processing chemical vapor deposition (RTP-CVD) has received considerable attention because of its ability to reduce many of the processing problems associated with thermal exposure in conventional chemical vapor deposition, while still retaining the ability to grow high quality epitaxial layers. In this paper, the principles of the RTP-CVD system are described, followed by results of experiments on in-situ cleaning, undoped Si epitaxy and in-situ doped Si epitaxy, and selective Si deposition using oxide masks. Our results show that RTP-CVD is capable of growing high quality, epitaxial layers with sharp, dopant transition profiles. Selective deposition was achieved without the use of HC1. We also studied the growth and characterization of GexSi1−x films for optical waveguiding.



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RTP-CVD of Si Materials and Devices for ULSI Applications

  • D. L. Kwong (a1), T. Y. Hsieh (a1) and K. H. Jung (a1)


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