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Room Temperature led's for the MID-Infrared Based on in(AS,SB) Strained Layer Superlattices

  • C. C. Phillips (a1), P. J. P. Tang (a1), M. J. Puliin (a1), H. R. Hardaway (a1), S. J. Chung (a1), W. T. Yuen (a1), R. A. Stradling (a1), Y. B. Li (a1) and L. Hart (a2)...


Arsenic-rich InAs/InAs1−x Sbx strained-layer superlattices (SLS's) are studied in time-resolved optical, and CW magneto-optical spectroscopies. A pronounced type-II offset, with electrons confined to the alloy layers, is found. High radiative efficiencies at wavelengths well into the mid-IR, and the suppression of Auger recombination yield LED's operating at 3–10 μm. Present room temperature powers are ∼30 μW, probably limited by inadequate carrier confinement.



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