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Role of the First Atomic Layers in Epitaxial Relationship and Interface Characteristics of SrTiO3 Films on CeO2/YSZ/Si(001)

  • Tomoaki Yamada (a1), Takanori Kiguchi (a2), Naoki Wakiya (a1), Kazuo Shinozaki (a1) and Nobuyasu Mizutani (a1)...


The role of the first atomic layers in epitaxial relationship and interface characteristics of SrTiO3 films on CeO2/yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ)/Si(001) substrates was investigated. Although SrTiO3 film deposited on CeO2/YSZ/Si directly was preferentially (110)-oriented, epitaxial SrTiO3(001) films could be grown on CeO2/YSZ/Si by controlling first atomic layer of the films. In the case of SrTiO3 film starting from TiO2 layer, the neither ion drift nor charge injection occurred in the SrTiO3/CeO2 interface. On the other hand, for the film starting from SrO layer, an injection-type hysteresis was observed. This is probably due to the electron traps in the interface.



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