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Role of Morphology on the Large Coercive Behavior in Co 80 Ni 20 Nanowires

  • A. Gaul (a1), N. Ouar (a1), S. Mercone (a1), F. Zighem (a1), F. Schoenstein (a1), B. Leridon (a2), S. Farhat (a1) and N. Jouini (a1)...


Ferromagnetic metal CoNi-based nano-objects have been synthesized in a polyol media within different elaboration conditions in order to drive their morphology (i.e. enhancing their length-to-diameter ratio ﴾d/L﴿, and changing the diameter d ratio over edge T width ﴾d/L﴿). Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) studies revealed unexpected effects on the Co80Ni20 nano-objects arising from the magnetic field assisted synthesis. This gave us the opportunity to compare this latter to coming from the variation of Ruthenium (III) chloride hydrate nucleating agent concentration. A Co80Ni20 anisotropic particles elaboration was successfully achieved under zero magnetic field assisted synthesis, while an important percentage of isotropic nanoparticles appeared immediately under the application of a small magnetic field (i.e. H > 500 Oe). In the first case we were able to sharply drive both the aspect ratio and head morphology of nanowires (T and ﴾d/T﴿). The good crystallinity and structures symmetry of all our samples have been proved by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) pattern analysis. Magnetic static properties showed a ferromagnetic standard behavior with a coercive field efficiency which was strongly dependent on shape parameters. The magnetic static behavior was studied within a standard Stoner-Wohlfart model as a function of the observed morphologies. Our observations are fully consistent with a shape anisotropy origin behavior of the enhanced coercivity measured as function of the decreasing ﴾d/L﴿ ratio. However, they revealed the presence of contributions to the global effective anisotropy coming from other complex terms then the shape one (i.e. conic head impressiveness, dipolar interactions and magnetocrystalline anisotropy).


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