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RF Sputtered BZN Pyrochlore Thin Films for Voltage Tunable Dielectric Device Applications

  • Young Pyo Hong (a1), Seok Ha (a1), Ha Yong Lee (a1), Young Cheol Lee (a1), Kyung Hyun Ko (a1), Dong Wan Kim (a2), Hee Bum Hong (a2) and Kug Sun Hong (a2)...


The BZN pyrochlore thin films were prepared on platinized Si substrates using a reactive RF magnetron sputtering. The structures, surface morphologies, dielectric properties and voltage tunable properties of films with deposition parameters were investigated. The BZN thin films have a cubic pyrochlore phase and secondary phases of zinc niobate, bismuth niobate when crystallized at 600° 800°. The dielectric constant and tunability of thin films are O2/Ar ratio and post-annealing temperature dependent. The BZN thin films sputtered in 15% O2 and annealed at 700° had a dielectric constant of 153, tan δof~0.003 and maximum tunability of 14% at 1,000kV/cm.



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