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RF Aerosol Mist Plasma Deposition of Oxide Films

  • J. A. A. Williams (a1), C. Q. Shen (a1), K. D. Vuong (a1), E. Tenpas (a1), R. A. Condrate (a1), D. H. Lee (a1), H. Wang (a1), J. Fagan (a1), X. W. Wang (a1), J. Stuckey (a1), M. DeMarco (a1), W. Yu (a1) and A. Petrou (a1)...


We report new results on nano-scaled oxide films deposited by an RF aerosol mist plasma technique: including indium tin oxide transparent conductive films; yttria stabilized zirconia, nickel iron oxide/YSZ cermet, and lanthanum strontium manganite for fuel cell applications; Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox superconductor films; gadolinium iron oxide for magnetic heat pumps; silicon oxide for protective coatings, etc. Since this deposition process occurs in an atmospheric environment, it has potential for large scale production. The maximum deposition rate is approximately 1 micrometer per minute per centimeter squared. Substrate temperatures were between 300°C and 900°C. Crystal sizes are analyzed by XRD (Shadow Programs). Some films were also characterized by resistance, optical(IR-UV-Vis transmission/reflection and FTIR) and Mössbauer measurements. Film morphology was found to be strongly dependent on deposition parameters. Controlling the deposition rate by altering solution concentration and mist feed rates, as well as altering plasma torch settings and substrate temperature allowed the formation of different film morphologies. Film density, thickness, and crystallite size could be controlled to obtain films of differing characteristics. This is advantageous to fuel cell depositions where a dense electrolyte as well as porous electrodes (anode and cathode) are required.



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