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A Review of Ntd-Induced Defects in Silicon

  • J. M. Meese (a1)


Neutron transmutation doping (NTD) has become the preferred method of phosphorus doping of float zone silicon for the Si power device industry. This doping process is accomplished by thermal neutron irradiation in a nuclear reactor. One of the stable isotopes, 30Si, is transmuted to the desired dopant, 31p, by thermal neutron capture and beta decay. This transmuted product becomes electrically active only after suitable annealing of the accompanying radiation damage which is the result of a number of different displacement mechanisms. This paper will present a review of our present understanding of the production and annealing of these displacement defects.



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A Review of Ntd-Induced Defects in Silicon

  • J. M. Meese (a1)


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