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Reversible Thermochromic Transition between Different J-Aggregate States of Amphiphilic Merocyanine Dye Crystallites

  • Noritaka Kato (a1), Yasuaki Shin (a1) and Yoshiaki Uesu (a1)


On the subphase, which contains Cd2+ and Mg2+ ions, two-dimensional (2D) J-aggregate crystallites of merocyanine dye molecules exhibit a thermochromic transition. The J-aggregate absorption band of the low (LT) and high temperature (HT) phases are located at 620 and 595 nm, respectively. In order to clarify the in-plane structure of the 2D J-aggregate crystallites, grazing incident X-ray diffraction measurements were performed on the Langmuir-Blodgett multi-layers which consisted of the monolayers of LT and HT phases. It was revealed that the in-plane arrangement of the dye molecules is slightly different in the J-aggregate crystallites of LT and HT phases.



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