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Reversible Degradation of Photoluminescence in Si/SiGe Three Dimensional Nanostructures

  • Nikhil Modi (a1), Leonid Tsybeskov (a1), David J. Lockwood (a2), Xiao Z. Wu (a2) and Jean Marc Baribeau (a2)...


We report the degradation of low temperature photoluminescence (PL) from Si/SiGe three-dimensional cluster morphology nanostructures under continuous photoexcitation. The PL intensity initially decreases slowly for about 15 minutes, and then decreases rapidly, until only ∼ 10% of the original PL intensity remains. A complete recovery of the PL requires restoring the sample temperature to ∼ 300K. We propose that a slow accumulation of charge in SiGe clusters enhances the rate of Auger recombination and results in the observed PL degradation.



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