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Resistless Patterning of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Films

  • Russell E. Hollingsworth (a1), Mary K. Hemdon (a2), Reuben T. Collins (a2), J.D. Benson (a3), J.H. Dinan (a3) and J.N. Johnson (a4)...


Practical methods for directly patterning hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) films have been developed. Direct patterning involves selectively oxidizing the hydrogen passivated a-Si:H surface or laser crystallization of the bulk. The oxide or polycrystalline layer formed in this way then becomes a mask for subsequent hydrogen plasma etching. Methods for selective oxidation of the a-Si:H surface have been extensively studied. Examination of the pattern generation threshold dose for excitation wavelengths from 248 to 633nm provides indirect evidence for electron-hole recombination breaking of the silicon-hydrogen bond. An additional hydrogen removal mechanism was observed whereby simple proximity of a tapered fiber optic probe less than 30nm from the sample surface resulted in pattern generation. Patterns were generated in both intrinsic and doped a-Si:H films by several means, including contact printing with a mask aligner, in situ projection lithography with an excimer laser, and direct writing with a near-field scanning optical microscope (NSOM). Direct patterning of a-Si:H films has a wide range of potential applications. We have demonstrated a-Si:H as an in situ photoresist material for patterning HgCdTe infrared detector arrays with all process steps done in vacuum. We have also demonstrated 100nm line widths using NSOM writing with a photolithography goal. Direct patterning of a-Si:H could simplify the manufacturing of thin film transistors, or other devices that require patterned silicon films.



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Resistless Patterning of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Films

  • Russell E. Hollingsworth (a1), Mary K. Hemdon (a2), Reuben T. Collins (a2), J.D. Benson (a3), J.H. Dinan (a3) and J.N. Johnson (a4)...


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