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Research on Oxide Superconducting Wire

  • Y. Ikeno (a1), K. Doi (a1), Y. Kamisada (a1), K. Hayashi (a1) and T. Ogawa (a1)...


By using the solid, liquid and vapor processes, such as doctor blade, laser pedestal growth, FZ, plasma spraying, ICB, CVD and laser ablation, wires and tapes were successfully fabricated. These experiments yielded the following results : Bi-2212 seven stranded wire with multi-layer structure by doctor blade method was prepared, and Ic of 270A (77K, OT) was achieved. Bi-2212 wires were prepared by laser pedestal growth, and Ic of 500A (77K, OT) was obtained in the case of 3mm in diameter. The a-b plane aligned Y-123 films-was deposited on Hastelloy, tape by laser ablation, and high Jc of 2.5×10 A/cm2 (77K, OT) and 2.2×10 A/cm2 (77K, 8T) were measured.



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