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Reliability of Oxide Thin Film Transistors under the Gate Bias Stress with 400 nm Wavelength Light Illumination

  • Soo-Yeon Lee (a1), Sun-Jae Kim (a1), Yongwook Lee (a1) (a2), Woo-Geun Lee (a2), Kap-Soo Yoon (a2), Jang-Yeon Kwon (a3) and Min-Koo Han (a1)...


We have investigated the reliability of the inverted-staggered etch stopper structure oxide-based TFTs under negative gate bias stress combined with 400 nm wavelength light illumination and the relationship between the carrier concentration at the channel and the extent of Vth shift. It was found that the photo-induced holes cause the severe Vth degradation at the beginning of stress and the hole trapping rate of a single hole is not altered with the increase of the hole concentration. In oxide-based TFTs, the hole concentration at the channel is the determinant factor of the reliability.



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