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Reliability of Ohmic Contacts for AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs

  • G. S. Jackson (a1), E. Tong (a1), P. Saledas (a1), T. E. Kazior (a1), R. Sprague (a1), R. C. Brooks (a2) and K. C. Hsieh (a3)...


The reliability of ohmic contacts to thin, heavily doped layers of GaAs is investigated. Pd/Ge/Au contacts to n-type GaAs display excellent electrical stability over extended periods of thermal stress. The contact resistance stays below 0.50Ω-mim during a 2500h, 280°C bake. Reactive ion beam assisted evaporation of Ti with N forms TiN which is introduced as a barrier layer in Pt/TiN/Ti/Au contacts to a thin p+ layer. The TiN layer allows greater process latitude in the sintering process and improves long term stability of the ohmic contact. The microstructure of the p-type contacts is examined with TEM and Auger profiling at different instances of the 2500h, 280°C bake and compared to the contact resistance measurements.



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